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    This is my schedule for this week. / 今週のスケジュールだよ。

    January 05.2011

    Hi everyone! I am DJ TO-RU. This is my schedule for this week. First, on this Wednesday (5/Jan/2011/Wed) I’ll play dj at Q bar(Shukumvit soi 11) with DJ SUM-1. And, on this Friday(7/Jan/2011/Fri) is FRIDAY at Xperience (Thong lor soi 8). This party is entrance free!! I will play Funk and Hip Hop, and you…..


    January 03.2011

    Hi ladies and guys!! A Happy New Year!! Thank you for coming to countdown party. The countdown party was exciting. I like to play dj at count down paty. I am very happy because I did not make any mistake. And, I did session with percussion. I enjoyed it too. After that, I played dj…..

    CountDown!! Welcome 2011!!

    December 30.2010

    There are only 2 days left this year. Thank you for my family, friends, people who came my events, staffs, and organizers! Thank you so much for everything. I hope u have a great new year. I’ll play dj on countdown!! NYE schedule Dec, 31th 2010 here!! 31st at NEST ROOFTOP LOUNGE, 9TH FLOOR, LE…..

    今年最後のレディースナイト! / This year’s last lunar ladies night!

    December 28.2010

    I updated for announcement of the event today. I’ll play DJ at Qbar( Sukhumvit soi11) tomorrow. Tomorrow is this year’s last lunar ladies night. Free entry for all ladies!! If you have time, come!! See you tomorrow!! 今日はさくっとイベント告知。 明日はQ bar(Sukhumvit soi11)で今年最後のレディースナイト! 女性エントランスFreeです。 お時間のある方は是非! んでまず!

    12月 / DEC

    December 25.2010

    Merry Christmas! I am TO-RU. We are at the end of another year already. I got weight this year. It’s quickly almost 10 kg. I know why. It’s because of this!! Original dish from Thai food by DJ TO-RU how to make: First, go to ko muyaan Shop near your home. And, buy ko mu…..

    鬼久しぶりBlog up !

    December 17.2010

    Hi everyone. Long time no see. I am TO-RU. These days, I moved my room, went to an event and festival. Actually, I just changed the room in the mansion. My room became bigger, and became like Studio. Here is so nice. I could work much better than doing at last room. And, I went…..

    ハンバーガー humbuger

    November 19.2010

    Hi everyone, How are you?? I am TO-RU. I played DJ at Q bar last Wednesday, and it was really exciting. Good Good! Thank you for coming everyone!! I will keep going. Then, Tomorrow is here!! I’ll play DJ for SILOM CLUB CRAWL again!! SILOM CLUB CRAWL is Club tour in SILOM. I am gonna…..

    今週 This week

    November 10.2010

    Long time no see, you guys. I am TO-RU. I forgot to announce here. Last week, I enjoyed Dance battle party, Battle Box at Xprience at Tonglor soi 8. Thank you for coming everyone!! I played DJ for dance battle at first time. It was very long play. I played for 7 hours!!! Toooooooooooooooo long…..

    泥棒市場 the market of thieves

    October 25.2010

    Hi everyone. I am TO-RU. Last weekend, I leaned how to use abelton live from My friends,  and did session with them. They are from france. Their names are Brahms and co. Somehow, we did dope session in the room with erotic red lights. I had a profitable time. Such nice guys, they have the…..