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    May 10.2018

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    Tonight! Im gonna spin this event with Yakenohara from Japan Invited Japanese DJ, producer, and rapper Yakenohara, well known in the Japanese underground scene. Joined by Thai DJ Gramaphone Children and Praewapower(YELLOW FANG) .japanede DJ toru and beat live Question.seQ a.k.a piz?DJ● YAKENOHARA(from TOKYO)● Gramaphone Children●Praewapower(YELLOW FANG)●ToruLIVE● Question.seQ a.k.a piz?DECO●Hiraparr Wilson(Takuya hirabayashi) // 250 /1d // YAKENOHARA (やけのはら)DJ, Producer, Rapper. He has performed at the big festivals and underground parties for over 10 years. He joined remix works etc. for any kind of over 100 works such as famous pop music artists like Tatsuro Yamashita or YUKI, rock bands, and dance music. In 2009 "Rollin' Rollin'" released by "Tabito Nanao~Yakenohara" became a hot topic, in 2010 he released "This Night Is Still Young", rap album. In 2013 he released his 2nd album "Sunny New Life". As a DJ he makes the dance floor excited with a long set using house music, disco music or a wide range select in response to a situation on the spot. He makes many mixes like "Stones Throw 15 mixed by Yakenohara", official mix for Stones Throw Records 15th anniversary. And he plays for supporting to the acts in Japan of Giorgio Moroder, Daniel Wang, Dimitri from Paris, Masters at Work, Prins Thomas, Thundercat, Clap! Clap!,!!! (Chk Chk Chk), Thomash, Gigi Masin and so on. He also works as a member of "Unknow Me", ambient unit. They released "sunday void" in 2016 and "subtropics" from US label "Not Not fun" in 2017. #japanese #mc #decommune #thonglor #libertyplaza #djtorubkk

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