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    DJ TAMAさん来タイだよ。DJ TAMA will come to Bangkok.

    January 19.2011

    Hi everyone . I am DJ TO-RU.

    This is my schedule for this week.

    First, I will play dj for ladies night at Q bar (Sukhumvit soi11) tonight (19/Jan/2011) with DJ SUM-1.

    Every Wednesday is all ladies entrance free!!

    Don’t forgot!!

    Then, I’ll play DJ at da crib(This is new club in RCA. ) Thursday(20/Jan/2011/Thu)

    New mush up event started from last week. It is called “MUSH DA BEATS”.

    The club is located in RCA and it is next to Tops.

    Don’t forgot this event too!!

    And, I’ll play at my own event ” Friday” next Friday(21/Jan/2011/). This event is underground hip hop and funk event.

    This Friday has special guest.

    DJ TAMA from Hokkaido Japan!!

    ■■■DJ TAMA a.k.a. SPC FINEST Profile■■■

    Official Blog >>>>

    DJ Tama a.k.a. “SPC Finest” is mixing a big revolution on the Hip Hop scene in Hokkaido、Northern Japan. Throughout the years, he has been rocking the crowds through various events, radio and mix shows.
    He has been exceeding the expectations of the crowds, always surprising them through a wide variety of songs、based on his rich experience. His personal style and his scratch skills have already been recognized as top class in Japan.
    His style crosses the borders between music styles, mixing together pieces from different genres. In time, he became a representative figure for the Hokkaido scene.
    He has also been recognized not only as a DJ, but also as a producer, launching the group Kiga Land. At the moment, he is also working as a DJ for two radio shows at an FM radio station in Sapporo. His mix tapes are very appreciated all around the country.
    In 1999 he established the group “S.P.C” together with DJ Seiji, making the jump to the major scene. The same year he became the “DJ Battle” Champion at “B-BOY PARK”, the most important Hip Hop Event in Japan.
    After this, he continued developing his particular style and started mixing for a large variety of Japanese artists, from underground artists to famous ones as “Crystal Kay”.
    In September 2006 he released his first full album, “Melting Pot”. The album was met with full support throughout the country, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
    In May 2007,he released together with Kiga Land the album「LOVE MY BLOCK」. On this occasion, they organized a tour that has taken them until now to more than 10 cities.
    In July 2007 he released at one of the major music labels the album『HIP-HOP BLOCKBUSTERS HOKKAIDO』. For this album, DJ TAMA did all the producing, remix, DJ mix and engineering work by himself. The album was very well received at a national level.
    DJ Tama has been heating up the Hip Hop scene, starting from Hokkaido and continuing to a national level.
    Along with Kanto area tour and Kyushu area tour, In 2009, DJ Tama launched his first Asian Tour and visited Bangkok, Thailand. One of the biggest club in Thailand “Q Bar Bangkok”, world -classDJs like DJ Premier and Q-Bert has spinned there in the past as guest DJs. Tama was the first Japanese starring DJ for Q Bar and he even broke the record of attendance. This fact gave him recognition as a DJ in Asian countries.
    In November ’09, Tama is expecting US tour that includes LA and NYC.
    Although still based on his hometown Sapporo, DJ Tama is expanding his sphere of activity not only nation-wide Japan, but also internationaly. DJ Tama a.k.a. SPC Finest is the man who is fighting to extend the possibility of DJ.

    From Middle School, Old School, Electro, Rock, Soul, Jazz, R&B and Reggae, not to mention latest Hip Hop, old or new, any kind of genre of music turn to be danceable sound via Tama’s mix style. Also, as a starring DJ of the club events, his mix style collects wildly excited audience. DJ Tama’s show case includes all above and his battle DJ side as a Japanese champion, gets all the attention to the DJ booth. As for the rest, Tama is madly supported by many dancers. He often booked to battle DJing for nation-wide dance contest and “dance (Reggae party)”, as well as his weekly radio show are simply one of the kind.
    DJ Tama, who has been working as a key player of the Hip Hop scene in Hokkaido, his impressive activities becoming nation-wide to world-wide.

    I am sure this night will be fantastic.

    The club name is Xperience, located at Thong lor soi8, Ei8ht bill-ding 2nd floor.

    If you have time, come!

    Next, I will play dj for “HIP HOP CONNECTION” at da crib(next to Tops in RCA.). !!

    As well as “Friday party”, this event has special guest, DJ TAMA aka SPC finest from Hokkaido Japan!!

    Plus, I am looking foreword to listening to his hip hop at this event.

    Thailand’s leading scratcher, DJ Spydamonlee.

    He also play dj at this event. It is first time to play dj with Spydamonkee.

    And, DJ Korrect who was the representative of DMC NewZealand.

    He had lived in Japan, but I did not know that he is in Thailand now.

    They are very fantastic DJ. You cannot miss these events!

    And, I am gonna perform as my new crew, Tobitobi Crew, DJ TO-RU + DJ Meji Low aka 034.

    We also prepared session with Thai instrument Kim player, Nutt.

    I am looking forward to playing with them!

    See ya!!!




    まず本日の水曜日(19/Jan/2011)はQ bar(スクンビットsoi 11)のレディースナイトでDJ SUM-1とDJです!



    そして今週木曜日(20/Jan/2011)はda crib (RCAに出来た新しいクラブ。) でDJです。

    先週から始まったMush upのParty “MUSH DA BEATS” !!



    そして今週金曜日(21/Jan/2011)は自らオーガナイズを手がける毎週金曜日の真っ黒HIP HOP & FUNKのParty “FRIDAY”です!!

    なんと今回はスペシャルゲスト!!! 日本の北海道からDJ TAMA aka SPC Finestさんが登場!

    DJ TAMA aka SPC Finestプロフィール。

    日本の北の端、北海道のHIP HOPシーンにとって大きな革命を起こし続けてきた「DJ TAMA」。 HIP HOP DJとして、長年に渡り,数多くのEVENT、RADIOのMIX SHOWでクラウドをRockし続けている。経験に裏打ちされた幅広い選曲、クラウドの意表をつくセレクト、日本でもトップクラスといわれるスクラッチの スキル、DJとして必要な要素を完璧に自分のSTYLEとして表現し続けている。1999年よりDJ SEIJI等と“S.P.C.”を結成後、メジャーデビューを果たす。同年、日本最大級のHIP HOP EVENT “B-BOY PARK” DJ BATTLE NO-TRICKSにて日本チャンピオンに輝く。その後、“Crystal Kay”をはじめとするメジャーアーティストからアンダーグランドアーティストまで幅広くリミックスなどを手がけ、高い支持を受けてきた。また、韻牙ラン ドをプロデュースするなどDJだけではなくプロデューサーとしても一目置かれる存在である。現在、札幌のFM局において、二つの番組にDJとして出演中。 その他、MIX TAPEも全国各地から大好評を得ている。音の国境を超えた他ジャンルとの共演など、彼の名なくしては北海道を語りきれないという唯一の存在になってい る。2006年9月9日には待望の1 st Full Album「Melting Pod」がリリース。北は北海道、南は沖縄までの全国ツアーで大絶賛を受ける。また、収録曲がFMノースウエーブ SAPPORO HOT100でインディーズHIP HOPとしては異例の最高6位まで上り詰め、3週連続TOP10入りされた。07年5月には同じ札幌在住アーティストでデビュー当時からプロデュースして いる韻牙ランドと共同名義で韻牙ランドやらDJTAMA「LOVE MY BLOCK」をリリースFMノースウエーブ SAPPORO HOT100でも3週連続TOP10入り、最高8位に輝き、17週連続チャートインし続けてた。ツアーでは、全道限定で10カ所以上を周り、今なおオ ファーが増え続けている。
    07年11月には、PRODUCE,REMIX,DJ MIX、エンジニアと一人4役を手掛けた自身初となるOFFCIAL MIX CD『HIP-HOP BLOCK BUSTERS HOKKAIDO』をメジャーレーベルからリリース、全国的に話題となる。北海道そして日本のHIP HOPシーンを熱くするDJ TAMA の活動範囲は着々と広がり続けている。


    場所はトンローsoi 8にあるEi8htビルの2階 Xperienceです!


    んでその次の土曜日はda crib(RCA Tops隣)で”HIP HOP CONNECTION”!!!

    この日のゲストもDJ TAMAさん!

    ごっつらHIP HOP! 楽しみ!



    そんで、過去ニュージーランドのDMCの代表にもなったことのある。DJ Korrect(NZ)!!





    DJ TO-RU + DJ Meji Low aka 034で飛び飛びCrew。




    はてなブックマーク - DJ TAMAさん来タイだよ。DJ TAMA will come to Bangkok.
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